Thursday, January 31, 2013

Keeping Garden Seeds Organized

I had a problem last year where the small plastic storage container I was using to keep my seed packets in allowed the seeds to spill out as they were laid down and the container was carried around.  I had to come up with something different, so here's what I did.  

It's a simple idea that I'm sure isn't unique, but I haven't seen it anywhere else.  I just use an expandable file folder and organize them mostly by alphabetizing by the seed type.  They stay organized and the open packages stay upright.  By design the file folder fits in file cabinets or is a perfect size for a bookshelf.


- as you can see, some of the letters get  much thicker than others.  The bigger seeds (corn, beans, peas) really take up space.
-once you get a larger collection of seeds, the top doesn't close as well.  If you were to have an organizer with a top and a string or latch, it would at least hold the top closed.

Hope this is of some help or, at least, gave you some sort of an idea.

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