Sunday, February 3, 2013

Book Review: 299 Days:The Community by Glen Tate

Our story picks up, of course, where it left off in the last book, The Collapse.  The family and immediate community (hence the title) start to pull together. 

The author takes us through his vision of some occurrences in the local area.  The main group goes to "town" and split up to gather supplies, finding most things very expensive.  Fuel, groceries, household goods, are twice the normal price or more and many of the local businesses are rationing sales.  We see most people not taking the collapse seriously and not even thinking about stocking up on longer term items.  Lines are starting to be drawn as the larger area town divides itself into areas racially. 

In The Collapse we start to see some of the minor characters that lived or worked with the main character break off into multiple smaller side-stories of the main plot.  Perhaps the author will bring them back together somehow later in the story, or maybe they will remain separate and will just be used to demonstrate how other areas around our main town suffer and/or thrive in different ways.

Still no "action" in the sense of gunfights.  The author continues to feint at action like a man playing in traffic; he'll stand in the lane and jump away at the last moment before being hit by a car.  (There's my poor literary analogy for today, but reading the first few books it will make sense)

The main character begins his journey as a leader in the small town near his new home.  He and a permanent resident of that town start to form a leadership group and plan the safety of the area.

OK, enough for now.  The story is still good.  I'm still reading.

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