Thursday, April 18, 2013

Surgery Update. One to go

Okay, I had my eye surgery on March 14th and took the following week from work off. The surgery went off without a hitch. The eye surgeon told me she was only going to operate on my weak (right) eye and that if further down the road she wasn't happy with the results she would operate on my good (left) eye. That was great. I fully expected to have both eyes operated on and I would have been severely impaired for quite a while. As it was--I still had my good eye!

My buddy CopperKnight came over and kept me entertained on his days off. We even made a trip out to the local Pawn/Gun shop so that was a treat.

I still have double-vision--the surgeon 'tightened' my right eye in to line up with my left eye. It's an interesting sensation. Up close--like where my monitor is--I see just one object. If I look up I see two of everything. It is getting better though. The brain is adapting. I still feel a little disoriented sometimes. Probably a few more weeks and it will be fine. (Fingers crossed)

Next up is the shoulder rebuild! June 5th! Woo-Hoo! I'll be off of work for about 3 weeks--and in a sling for at least 4 weeks. I've read a lot in the last couple of weeks of folks who have had rotator cuff surgery and they all say the same thing. If you do all the PT, no matter how goofy it sounds--you should be better than new when you're done. I can live with that. I just picked up a Mossberg 930 SPX and currently it is a little difficult to hold it up to my shoulder. I put about 20 rounds through it before my shoulder told me it was done. Looking forward to spending some time at the rock quarry and breaking it in.

Remember--if you have been putting off having medical work done, and you can afford it--get it done. Who knows how long our current medical system will be in place.

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