Thursday, April 19, 2012

What to do with Neighbors?

Today's post is about neighbors.  It poses the question of what to do with your neighbors in a SHTF scenario.  Each of us will have different answers based upon our individual situation.

If there was a disaster of some sort that left the area isolated from help for any time, or even if the occurrence made it appear as if you would be isolated, what is going to happen to your neighbors?  I'll assume you have a plan (or at least an idea) of what you would do if something bad happened, but does your plan incorporate the nearby residents?  Even if you have no inclination to help them, you can't discount their effect on your plans.

There are several types of neighbors you have right now.  There are, of course, many more, but these are good for our illustration.  Here are some personalities:

1. Problem children (police are often there, frequent unfriendly behavior)
2. Needy (elderly living alone, disabled, single mom with kid(s))
3. "Normal" family (mom, dad, kids)
4. Unknown (secretive, quiet, new, just don't know them)

Problem children should never be underestimated.  Are they drug users likely to explode if they go any extended period of time without their fix?  Maybe they are just obnoxious blowhards that aren't really a threat.  Do undesirable individuals come and go constantly; maybe there are a few extras at the location when the SHTF event occurs adding to your woes.

Needy neighbors are just that, in need of extra help.  They may be very nice, but how long will they last if their routine is interrupted?  Maybe it's a mom with kids that are just old enough to stay at home alone for a couple hours.  Was mom there when SHTF?  Are the kids home alone?  Do you have an elderly or disabled neighbor that relies on electricity for medical needs (oxygen, battery charger for devices).  Do you have any plans to help them out without request or if they knock on your door?  Do you turn away your neighbor that might die without electricity when your generator is running and powering your house?

Do your "normal" neighbors have any plans or abilities to survive on their own?  Do they have anything stored up, or will they become "problem children" when dad realizes this is for real and he can't feed his kids.

Take a moment to evaluate the neighbors you know nothing about.  If at all possible, try to contact them now, just to say "hi" and have a conversation or invite them to a BBQ this summer.  Removing as much of the unknown factors as possible before there is a problem will help you a lot when making your plans.

What other types of neighbors to you have and how will they react if they are isolated from their electricity, daily grocery store trips, or any other outside world contacts?  You won't always be right in your assumptions, but if you have thought of this before hand, you will at least have some sort of plan to give them food, access to power via your generator, or something more drastic if the need arises.

So... WWYD with your neighbors in a SHTF scenario?

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  1. CopperKnight brings up a good point. I'm lucky that I know my 'closest' neighbors pretty well. They are a retired couple and they keep an eagle eye on our place when we're not there. He's even called me at work to say, "There's a white van in your driveway, do you want me to go see what they're doing?" I assured him, 'No, it's okay--they're working on the ______." I happen to know for a fact that he's watching them through the scope of his .270 rifle. Having neighbors you can trust is very important. I know my other neighbors but not as well. I'll make a point to do that this summer.